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Ice-9 is a fast-progressing guild on Arathor. We have cleared all WoTLK content and we are now working toward raid achievments. We operate on a loot-council type system (more info on our forums) and require ALL our raiders to have the proper PvE enchants and gems on all of their PvE gear.

Raids are scheduled using the in-game calendar, all attendees must come prepared, repaired & with flasks AND stat foods. Attendance is highly noted, those who fail to appear, habitually AFK and have frequent "emergencies" will not be scheduled.

We are a mature-player guild.  Our guild/raid/vent chat is subject to crude language and content.  If you are easily offended then perhaps this is not the right guild for you.  You will also need to be comfortable enough to receive constructive criticism about your spec, gear, enchant and gem choices.

Outright disrespect to your fellow guildmates and/or officers will NOT be tolerated. 

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